Meet Roqo, your health + wellness chatbot

It’s never been easier to get personalized answers to your health and wellness questions so you can make smarter choices.

  • Roqo knows about health, nutrition, and fitness
  • Track diet, medications and more in chat
  • Start with a text, there's no app to install

Got Questions, Ask Roqo

You could waste time juggling mobile health apps and searching the web for answers or just text Roqo.


You can talk to Roqo like you're chatting with a friend. While it can't answer all your questions Roqo will get smarter over time.


Roqo works for you. Your conversations with Roqo are private. Data you give to Roqo is secured and under your absolute control.

Well Read

Roqo is always reading the most current information. It answers questions by understanding what it read in real-time.

Answers Are One Click Away

Don't know what to ask Roqo? Visit our interactive FAQ and click on some of the trending questions.

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